Fargo Telecom is a value added distributor focusing on the provision and support of end-to-end wireless connectivity solutions which enable wireless connectivity for wireless, data, voice, fax and internet requirements.

Our products include GSM/GPRS/EDGE-based modems, wireless CPUS and wireless microprocessors, Radio Frequency components and solutions, GPS modules and chipsets.

We provide tailor made development of GSM/GPRS/EDGE-based products. We are distributors of Sierra, Coronis and Maestro GPS receiver products for China, India.






Wireless connectivity for all businesses throughout our representative countries





To act as a partner in our customers' wireless projects.   To be a value added supplier in the provision of end-to-end wireless connectivity solutions.





Fargo reach success in its region due to :
  • Dedication to its team : The challenge in fast growing markets such as China, Vietnam and India is to push the end customer to develop innovative projects using wireless solution and to ensure that their projects are successful. 
  • Customer oriented and fast reaction:M2M is a growing market and our customers are still "climbing the learning curve". Fargo is there to fully support them and answer any queries. 
  • Product performance : Our principle regularly releases new products, new functionality, and updates to its existing products. We believe it is the key to ensuring our success in a very technology-oriented country like India, or a manufacturing hub like China.